1. Regarding this agreement, we both accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

2. Comply with house rules which we impose for reasons of health and safety, fire precaution or insurance.

3. We're providing you a licence to use desk space which you have agreed to pay us to use.

4. You pay monthly in advance by Direct Debit for subscriptions, or via Debit Card/Credit Card Pre-payment for day passes.

5. Use space for office purposes not retail.

6. Use space only for the business you stated.

7. Take good care of all parts of the coworking space, kitchen, and meeting areas.

8. Don't install any new furniture or office equipment without our consent.

9. As a member of the community you will be expected to keep the place tidy at all times, wash you own dishes, keep floors clear, and sign for mail for your coworking colleagues if need be.

10. We're not liable for any loss as a result of our failure to provide a service due to mechanical breakdown, internet outage, strike or otherwise.

11. It’s your responsibility to insure your property.

12. We operate a zero-tolerance, immediate notice policy for any rule breaking.

13. We're giving you no interest in the property, only the right to share with us it's use.

14. If you have a private desk, we retain the right to move your desk at any time.

15. Meet/talk to clients in communal areas, not your desk space. Escort visitors at all times.

16. No music to be played unless on headphones and not disturbing others.

17. For Subscriptions, provide notice exclusively via Minimum 3 months membership. Coworking requires two months notice, offices require 3 months notice. Day Passes are paid in advance.

18. If we do not receive full payment by your invoice due date we may charge a fixed late payment fee of £40 as stipulated in The Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act (1988) amended in 2002 to include fixed penalties in addition to interest. Interest is additionally payable at 8% over Bank of England base rate. If you pay late a second time your subscription may be cancelled without notice.

19. We hold in safekeeping £25 refundable deposits on physical keys or access cards.

20. You should remove all of your property from your space on the last day of membership. We reserve the right to dispose of any remaining items present after your last membership day as we see fit.