HP Officejet Pro 7740 e-All-in-One Printer. Features A4 and A3 duplex printing, scanning and copying with easy-to-use touch screen control panel.

HP Officejet Pro 7740 e-All-in-One Printer. Features A4 and A3 duplex printing, scanning and copying with easy-to-use touch screen control panel.




1. Connect to the wireless network of the floor on which the printer is located.

2. On your computer go to your settings and select Add Printer - If you have a Apple Mac the printer should be listed as Rentadesk Printer (Floor) where Floor identifies the floor on which the printer is located, if you have a Windows PC it will be listed as HP Officejet Pro 7740. Click on this printer in the list and add it your computer.

3. You're ready to print!

*Normally your computer should recognize the printer and automatically install the printer driver. If not then you can download and subsequently install the printer driver from here.


If the printer instructs you to load paper, then pull out printer tray 1 to restock with A4 paper or tray 2 for A3 paper. Make sure that the printing output tray above the paper tray is fully extended so that it collects printed paper without paper falling on the floor.


If the printer instructs you to replace one of the CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black) ink cartridges then pull open the printer's front fascia on the left as indicated by the 'open here to change ink' label. The four CMYK ink cartridges will slide over to provide easy access. Press-in the cartridge that needs replacing (it will pop out) and replace with a new cartridge. Place the old cartridge on top of the printer (not to the side or below but on top) - this will be collected by the cleaner on the following morning for recycling.


Follow the instructions on the printer's touch screen. You can scan to your computer (as long as you have downloaded the full and latest drivers using the above link) or on to a USB stick).The USB slot is located at the bottom left front of the printer - if using the Rentadesk USB stick please remember to remove your scan files after use and insert the USB stick back into the printer, ready for the next user.


Where is my printer?

Your nearest printer will likely be on the same floor as you in a common area, if your floor does not have enough space for a printer in the common area then it may be located on the next floor's common area.

I can't see the printer listed on my network.

Make sure you are connected to the same network as the printer. For example if you are working on the 1st floor of Rentadesk Central the network name is RENTADESK-35-1 and you need to be connected to that network to see the printer located on the 1st floor.

Nothing is being printed

Check the printer screen for paper and ink levels (the printer's screen will tell you if there's a problem), and add paper or change ink cartridges if necessary. Paper and ink cartridges are stored directly next to the printer. How-to videos on how to change supplies can be played on the printer's screen.

My document printed on the wrong floor

Your computer was connected to that floor's wireless network - connect to your floor's wireless network.

I tried changing the ink and adding paper but the printer seems to be broken

If deleting then re-adding the printer on your computer doesn't solve the problem then as a short term solution use a printer on another floor and in the meantime email us at admin@rentadesk.co.uk to let us know the printer needs repairing.