Evening Coworking

No deposit Required


Monday - Friday 4pm - 10am

Use of any Hot Desk

Free Wifi (fast Fibre Internet)

Free Barista Coffee, Tea and Snacks

Free Meeting Room

If you're busy working during the daytime and are looking for somewhere to start a new business or study in the evenings after 4pm, night time or early mornings before 10am in a quiet, supportive and friendly office space, join Rentadesk's fantastic London Coworking community using the Evening Hot Desk package.

This is an affordable way to start a new business while you earn a steady salary at your 'Nine to Five', keep costs to a minimum, leaving you to use your hard earned cash on your new project.

Hot Desking in the evenings allows you to use any available hot desk, simply subscribe to our Evening Coworking package and use the coworking space anytime between 4pm and 10am Monday to Friday with unlimited hours, no appointment necessary. Just remove your items after you finish work