Kai, Web Designer & Digital Media Consultant

Kai, Web Designer & Digital Media Consultant


Artist House. I joined Rentadesk in April, 2015. I own my own company – IAK Media – and I mostly work alone so I found it a bit boring being on my own all day. It was difficult to get myself into the working mind-set when you are working from home, so it was great to find a place where I can focus. I’m so much more productive now I’m at Rentadesk.


I am a hotdesker – which means I can sit at any free desk that’s available when I come in. I have a storage locker where I leave my laptop stand, keyboard and mouse overnight. It’s handy not to have to carry all that stuff home at the end of every day. I have a few favourite desks where I like to sit, so I mix it up. 


I like to avoid the morning rush hour, so I usually leave the house at 9am and get in for about 10 or 11am. I live in Barnes, South West London. I take the fast National Rail train to Waterloo and then the Northern Line to Tottenham Court Road. The commute is about an hour door-to-door, which isn’t bad. I am usually on my iPhone playing one of the Final Fantasy games on the iOS.


I usually leave the office around 4-5pm. I prefer to work intensively for six hours than to have a long eight-hour day. 


There are a lot of nice Korean restaurants in the area. My favourite is WooJung, which is just below Centre Point (on the junction of Tottenham Court Road and New Oxford Street). I recommend their japchae (sweet potato glass noodles) and tteokbokki (spicy Korean rice cake). Otherwise, I would just go to Sainsbury’s and get ingredients to make my own salad. There’s a decent microwave oven in the Rentadesk kitchen too, which is useful in the winter if I fancy something hot.


I like the Benugo cafes at the British Museum. My friend Angelo works there so I sometimes stop by and say hi, get him to give me a tour on his lunch break and grab a bite while I’m there. They have nice falafel salads and wraps. If you want to try something sweet, I would also recommend their affogato, which is a delicious blend of coffee and ice cream – my two favourite things.


I love the guitar shops on Denmark Street. I used to do music full-time as a lead guitarist - composing, producing and touring abroad with my heavy metal band. There are fewer guitar shops on Denmark Street than there used to be, but I still like to go there to browse and play. I recently bought a lovely Taylor guitar from Rose Morris and it plays beautifully.


On Fridays, a few of us from Rentadesk go to The Plough pub downstairs from the office. They give us a 10% discount card as we work in the area, so that's pretty cool. They do some awesome vegetarian fish and chips made from halloumi cheese. It sounds weird but it’s surprisingly good. 


I’m working on a lot of cool music websites at the moment, helping record labels, music management companies as well as artists to design and develop their online platform. As I have a huge passion for music, it is great to help others make their dream become a reality. 
I have also been involved in working as a digital media consultant for brand new virtual reality app #HackThePlanet for PsychFi. The app features BAFTA-nominated film composer Simon Boswell, as well as famous YouTube stars Stuart Ashen (Ashens), Mr. Weebl & Lee Hardcastle and is available for download on iOS and Android. 


Yes – another client is fellow Rentadesker Joanne, who runs Hop Hosiery, a new subscription service for tights. We met in the kitchen at Artist House and she said she was looking for someone to create her new website. It has been really awesome working with her and I have certainly learnt a lot about tights! Joanne’s project is due to launch in early 2016 – it’s exciting stuff. 


Since joining Rentadesk, I’ve been a lot more engaged with my work. I think having an office space makes it easier to get into the work mind-set and increases productivity. It's also a cool place to meet new people doing interesting things and potentially collaborate on projects. James and Haruka at Get New Design do pretty much the same thing as I do, so we often discuss what’s new in the design world. It’s useful to have other like-minded people here to discuss ideas with.


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