Fabio , Marketing & PR Manager for restaurants and bars

Fabio , Marketing & PR Manager for restaurants and bars


Artist House. I did a lot of research on work spaces in central London, including private members’ clubs, but Rentadesk offered the best solution for what I was looking for. I did a free day trial and joined straight after. The fact that it's in Bloomsbury was a plus – I love the area. It's very central, and a historical and cultural district of London.


My package gives me access to the office 50 hours per month, plus I pay a little extra to get my post delivered there too. It sounds old-fashioned, but people are still impressed if they see you have a central London office. And it’s great to know that even if I'm not in, another Rentadesker will always sign for my packages.


It varies, but normally I get there around lunch time. I use Rentadesk at the weekends for working on my sideline business, London Restaurant Network, a membership-based organisation for marketing and PR professionals working in restaurants. (My day job is working at the restaurant Four to Eight in Covent Garden, as their in-house PR and marketing manager, which I also love!). The office is normally very peaceful at the weekend. But, being in central London, the surrounding area is still nice and buzzy even on Saturdays and Sundays.


Normally around 5pm, although it depends on the day and how much I need to get done. I might not go straight back home though. Due to the nature of my job I often attend networking evenings and industry related events. The other week I went to an events showcase at Daphne's restaurant in Chelsea and also to a hotel concierges evening at Café Royal in Piccadilly.


If I go to Rentadesk straight from home I take the overland train from Queenstown Road in Battersea to Waterloo and then change to the Northern Line for Tottenham Court Road. In the summer I just tend to walk everywhere.


I don't often have a proper meal for lunch – I usually pick up lots of healthy snacks from Planet Organic on Torrington Place (near Goodge Street tube station). Think nuts and rice cakes, stuff like that. But sometimes I need a boost to carry on working and treat myself to a proper lunch somewhere local. I work in hospitality and don't mind spending money in restaurants.


I'm very fussy about my coffee and only tend to go to independent coffee shops, like Monmouth Coffee on well, Monmouth Street, which is only 5 minutes away from Artist House. I have either a double espresso or filter coffee. That's also where I get my coffee beans for my morning coffee at home. They are the friendliest staff that you will ever find and very well trained.


Again, Planet Organic. I sometimes spend hours just browsing all the exotic products that they have on offer. Most things are totally overpriced so I try to find the bargains and special offers! I also like to visit the British Museum shop for books and exhibition catalogues. I recently bought 'Germany: Memories of a Nation', which accompanied the recent exhibition. 


Four to Eight in Covent Garden, for obvious reasons! They have a nice little bar in the middle of the restaurant with some seriously stylish stools, which by the design store Aram. I tend to order a glass of Prosecco or a Negroni (at a reduced staff price!).


My current project is to grow my London Restaurant Network, which is a membership-based organisation for restaurant professionals working in marketing, PR, events and social media. I host monthly breakfasts with guest speakers, evening events and visits to restaurants outside London. It's going from strength to strength and more restaurants are joining, which is very rewarding. I'm also thinking of opening another little business, hospitality related, but it's too early to reveal anything. What I can say is that I've been reading a lot about crowdfunding as a financial option for my new project.


It’s great that I can get so much done in one single day, and I love the fact that it's an uncluttered space but still feels warm, not clinical. And every time I go to Rentadesk, there is a new little improvement, another nice touch to the space, such as the books that you can borrow and the new coffee grinder. Once my own businesses takes off I can see myself moving on to permanent desk, where I can leave my things overnight, such as paperwork and magazines. But I don’t want to start hoarding too much stuff. A tidy desk is a tidy mind.


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