Chiara, Blogger

Chiara, Blogger


Artist House. I've been at Rentadesk for over a year. I used to work from home, but after a few months spending entire days wearing pyjamas really loses its appeal! Having an office to go to really helped me get motivated. 


I'm a full-time hot desker. That means I come in most days and I sit at any desk that’s free. On top of my desk subscription, I pay a bit extra for printing. Sometimes I like to give my eyes a break from the screen and read things on paper. I also need to print invoices to send to clients.


I like to take mornings slowly, replying to work emails while drinking my coffee at home. I usually get to the office between noon and 1 pm. For a long time I tried very hard to get to the office earlier, but then I decided this must just be the way I function and probably one of the many reasons why I decided to work as a freelancer.


Most days, I leave the office between 8 and 8:30pm. I like working in the evenings, because both the office and my Skype get very quiet, and I am able to do all the work which requires real concentration. My brain is constantly buzzing and it's not always easy to unwind and stop thinking about work, although the walk home with some great music always helps. I create random Spotify playlists, including anything from the Rolling Stones to Lorde.


A brisk, 20-minute walk from my flat in Clerkenwell. On very lazy, very busy or very rainy days, it’s a 10 minute bus journey on the number 38, which stops on New Oxford Street, two minutes from the office. 


Most days, I rush to Itsu on New Oxford Street to grab a six-piece sushi box – crab and avocado is my favourite. I keep my own gluten-free soy sauce in the kitchen cupboard (there’s space at Rentadesk for us to bring our own food in). If I am feeling healthy and have a bit of spare time, I walk to a little vegetarian restaurant called Food for Thought, on Neal Street. It doesn't look too good from the outside but they serve really delicious food (the vegetable stir-fry is particularly tasty). If I am meeting someone for lunch, I enjoy going to Mishkin's on Catherine Street. They have a menu for all tastes and is great for relaxed, sit-down lunches. 


I rarely go for coffees in the afternoon. When I do, I wander to the British Museum and get a coffee from Benugo. They have super-tasty cakes as well. People watching there is pretty entertaining too. 


I like to browse around the gift shop inside the British Museum, the one close to the main entrance, not the tacky ones for tourists. It sells a lot quirky things from around the world, from jewellery to bags to strange vases. If I need a last-minute gift, some stationery, beauty products or emergency origami paper (not really!) it’s Muji, always and forever. I like their candles and I’m forever losing my pink highlighters.


Freud’s on Shaftesbury Avenue is a little, hidden, very cool bar. You have to go down some steps to get in – and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d walk straight past it. They do a great mojito. 


I write and manage blogs. I spend most of my time creating WordPress tutorials and content marketing guides, working on email marketing campaigns and testing themes and plugins. I have been a freelancer for two years and I am currently putting together ideas for creating a larger scale, online membership program.


It's like having colleagues but without the office politics. Rentadesk also listens to what we need. For example, they’ve introduced Hotdesk holidays, where I can pause my membership if I need to be away for a few weeks – like when I go back home to Italy, where I’m from (near Venice). Being a freelancer, it's great to be able to work virtually anywhere in the world, and it's even better to know I’m not paying for a desk while I’m away. That makes me even happier to come back.


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