Would you Use a Standing Desk at your Office?


There's a lot of talk lately about how 'sitting is the new smoking' and how standing while you work is a more healthy, calorie-burning way to work that's great for your heart and general wellbeing.

However, in practice would you really choose to stand instead of sit? We asked over 100 freelancers and independent workers at the Rentadesk coworking community in Bloomsbury whether they would use a standing desk if one was available in the office space, the poll results are plotted below for the 40 people who responded.

We were astounded by the number of members that said they would like to use a standing desk during their work day - almost a third would stand, a far higher proportion than expected.


Here's what Rentadeskers had to say about Standing Desks:

"a 80/20 rule. 80% standing 20% sitting (or chairs available to rest occasionally)

"I like stand-up desks and have used them before (Ergotron)

"Not personally but the idea of having one or two available is attractive

"Could work well as a booth (Dr. Who style...), somewhere to go for Skype chats/phone calls, where you need a laptop etc. during the call but don't want to disturb others in the office

"Maybe for 20 minutes at at time

"Sit-to-stand desks would be very useful for some of us."

So it seems that some standing desks are definitely called for at the Rentadesk community!

Do you use a standing desk in your office or home office? Have you found it improves your health and productivity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we'd love to learn from your experiences...


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