Would you use a stand-up walking treadmill desk at the office?

Photo compliments of Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness

Photo compliments of Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness

Would you like to burn-off those extra calories from that large business lunch? Or get your daily 10,000 steps while you're still at the office tapping away at your laptop? An office treadmill desk promises to save time and money at the gym, so is it something you should try?

At Rentadesk, we already have a few members using static stand up desks - would they go 'one step further' and start walking while they work?

We asked members if they would consider using a walking treadmill desk if one were made available. Around a third of members responded to the survey, which consisted of a single Yes/No answer with additional room for comments. Here's what they said:


As you can see from the bar chart above, a narrow majority said they would use a treadmill desk, however a sizeable minority of 46% said "No".

Here's a few comments received from Rentadesk members:

"Need a steady hand - if I was just doing emails all day long then I'd be all over this."

"I did lots of research into this at one point - got the standing desk and contemplated the treadmill. Definitely think it's the future of a lot of office work. Only reservations would be noise, but if the treadmill is fairly quiet would be great."

"I would like to try a standing desk, just not with the treadmill bit!"

"I would love a standing desk - just no treadmill"


"I wish; but on my laptop it would not be practical :( I simply go for a short walk at lunch break."

"Will it be viable without any shower, however?"

"I'm far too lazy! Also... it would be tricky to type / use a mouse (but mostly I'm just lazy!)"

"I would like to use one, but I may be too embarrassed to do this publicly - might feel silly! It would need to be in a 'cool' corner I guess."

"Great idea!"

"Possibly, if it was out of the way so I wouldn't look foolish (haha)"

"Yes, although scared if I concentrated on my work whilst on it, I'd fall off!"

"yes but not too sure how efficient I would be!!!"

"To each their own. I enjoy walking outside."

Would you use a treadmill at work? Or perhaps you already use one? Let us know in the comments below!


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