Work from Home Vs Coworking


Having worked from home for over 3 years before starting at the Rentadesk coworking community here's my rundown of the good and bad of working from home vs a coworking space.


There's no commuting so you save time and money, yay!

You get that extra little time in bed each morning, ah the luxury of it all!

You can dress 'very casually' aka work in your pyjamas all day

All the comforts of home are just a few feet away - fancy a nap? Have a lay down for 20 minutes, nobody will know!

You can rustle up lunch at home in a jiffy without paying over fiver for a sandwich and cappuccino at Pret, saving a small fortune.

Fancy making use of a beautiful sunny day when there's not much work to do? Just drop everything and enjoy the rest of the day doing whatever takes your whimsy.


It's socially isolating, your world narrows down to the TV, your partner (if you have one) and next doors cat. Some people can handle this and even enjoy it, but most of us prefer at least some face-to-face social interaction each day.

You're missing out from all the connections you make through meeting people in a coworking community - connections that put you in touch with new customers and new collaborators.

Still on slooow Internet DSL at home? You're losing productivity compared to the Fibre Internet connections available in most offices these days.

Believe it or not, the walking and climbing stairs involved in most commutes may be a considerable part of your daily exercise, so if you stay at home you're going to need to make up for this with more exercise - boo!

Meeting your clients at home or in the local coffee shop may not give the best impression, some industries still expect you to have an office or a business address to feel comfortable doing business with you.

If you have a family, you'll get lumbered with all the little errands 'because you're at home already' - after all it's not a 'proper' business is it?

Noise and distractions! Children, dogs, postmen, noisy neighbours, nosy neighbours, builders, Jehovah's witnesses...the list goes on and on!

You've been tied to your home all day waiting for that all important package from one of your client's to arrive, but you pop out for 5 minutes to get some milk for that much needed coffee, only to return to a  'we just missed you' card from the delivery driver...argggh! 

Separating work from home life can be difficult when working at home unless you have a will of steel you'll end up working all hours and find it difficult to switch off and stop thinking of work, especially if you don't have a separate office within your home and just use the living room or kitchen table.

All your bills go up - electricity, gas, phone all from the extra usage of your home  during the daytime.

If anything goes wrong - with the internet, the phones, the printer -it's you that needs to fix it!

So there you have it - my pros and cons of working from home. The best bit is that you don't need to commit to one or the other these days, you can mix them both according to your lifestyle.


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