Why Offices Need Pets


Your Office Needs a Pet and Here’s Why

It’s not that your office is an unpleasant place to work, or that you don’t like your co-workers. Sometimes (okay, always), pets just make everything better...

Of course, depending on your office’s pet policies, you may need a more compelling argument than pets equal good, so here are some proven reasons your office needs a pet.

Pets Make You Look Good

Well yes, we know that pets will always make you look good, but we’re not talking about those cat selfies your ex keeps liking on Instagram here. We’re talking about your office, and all of the ways that having a furry friend or two around can boost its image. In person, an office pet is a great way to keep clients and customers at ease. On social media, a pet can become a welcome mascot for your company or brand, presenting your workplace as a fun, friendly environment anyone would be happy to work in.

Pets Make Getting Started Easier

It’s your first day at a new client site, and you’re wondering how you’ll fit in. Before you even wipe the sweat from your palm to make those necessary introductions, you meet your first curious colleague: a labrador named Jerry. We all know that pets make for great icebreakers, and this can be doubly true in the workplace. Letting newcomers meet with a four-legged friend can help put a hold on the stress and insecurity that comes with meeting new co-workers.

Pets Promote Stress Relief

That said, we all know stress isn’t something that only happens when you need to meet new people or talk about yourself. Stress has a tendency to infiltrate almost every aspect of our work lives, whether we’re dealing with difficult clients or seemingly impossible deadlines. In these circumstances, our computers and smartphones can at once feel like our only friends and greatest enemies. The more involved you become in the work at hand (and the machines it tethers you to), the easier it can be to forget about doing the things you need to do to take care of yourself. Work pets can provide an emotional anchor on these tough days, and may even come over to tell you when it’s time to give yourself a much needed break.

And They Help With All the Other Emotions Too

Pets don’t just help with stress—they help with all other kinds of emotions too. If you or any fellow co-worker suffer from depression or anxiety, it’s seriously worth considering all the ways that having a pet around can ease that suffering. If a pet has ever lifted your spirits before, you know how effective it can be for improving your mood and taking your mind off the causes of and feelings associated with sadness or unease. In fact, just thinking about a dog when you read this sentence might bring a smile to your face.

These Things Mean Happier, Harder-working Teams

Of course, we all know that happier teams tend to work much harder than those that aren't. While not everyone is guaranteed to be an animal person, finding a new pet that everyone agrees on can help create an office environment people will actively look forward to going to. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to rethink your office and any pet-free policies it may have.


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