What is Coworking?


Being self-employed or working on a freelance basis can be very rewarding however it can also make you feel isolated and cut-off from your peers. Coworking offers numerous benefits to those who thrive in a bustling and positive working atmosphere but feel trapped working in a lonely environment at home. 

Coworking began to take traction around 2005 as a way to bring self-employed people together by creating a supportive and informal working community. It was a success and the quantity of coworking spaces has doubled each year, working itself around the world, with new coworking spaces being created to meet demand for an increasingly aware and growing freelance community. 

Coworking is simple. Essentially, regardless of how the space is organised financially, you turn up with your laptop and stationary, choose a desk and make yourself comfortable. Easy! At the end of the day you either pack your things up or leave them in a locker for the next day. 

Working in a shared space can be very rewarding, providing you with a sense of community and a greater sense of 'going out to work' because you have to leave the house. One of the best things about taking advantage of a coworking space is the potential it has to separate your home life from your work life. If you have children and your house is full of toys and children’s things, it can be nice to get away and work in a space solely for grown-ups without bits of Lego strewn across the floor.

Don't be fooled though – just because it’s called ‘coworking’ it doesn't mean you'll be sharing your work load, you’ll still be working independently but you'll have the added benefits of friendships and support from people with a shared understanding of freelancing. Of course the possibilities are endless and working with others can create lots of opportunities you probably wouldn't experience sitting at your kitchen table, such as meeting lots of new contacts and making new businesses connections and networking. 

The obvious thing here is the flexibility – these spaces are created to suit you and your working habits. 


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