Best Secret Santa Gift Price?

What's the best Secret Santa gift price?

What's the best Secret Santa gift price?

We're nearing the time of year that a burning question of utmost importance passes through the minds of all intelligent thinking individuals.

However, putting this important question to one side, there is also the question of the office Secret Santa gift price limit. At Rentadesk we let the community make all decisions for us so we surveyed around 80 Rentadeskers with the following survey:

What should the Secret Santa gift price be? We restricted answers to a choice of £0, £5, £10, £15, £20,  or 'Unlimited'.

We had 4 generous souls willing to spend their entire fortune on a Secret Santa gift,  and a relative lower number, only 2, who were so tight with their money that anything over £0 would be a stretch of their generosity. The vast majority chose the £5 or £10 option with £10 just edging aheadto win (see fig 1. showing results from 28 responses.) 

fig 1. 


So what should we do at the Rentadesk office this Christmas? Choose the £10 winning vote or choose £5 as that would possibly be an amount that makes most people happy? Add your votes below in the comments and effect real change at Rentadesk's christmas party!!