Public Speaking Checklist


Public speaking is said to be the number one fear for business owners. Death is number two...

Here's a simple checklist recommended by TED organiser Chris Anderson to help you make that perfect speech:-

  • Is this a topic I am passionate about?

  • Does it inspire curiosity?

  • Will it make a difference to the audience to have this knowledge?

  • Is my talk a gift or an ask? (hint: it needs to be a gift)

  • Is the information fresh, or is it already out there?

  • Do I know enough about this to make the talk worth the audience's time?

  • Do I have the credibility to take on this topic?

  • What are the fifteen words that encapsulate my talk?

  • Would those fifteen words persuade someone they'd be interested in hearing my talk?

Finally, run through your speech on someone who could be a typical audience member - this crystallises what is clear, what is missing, and how to sharpen it.

To do public speaking like a champ see Chris Anderson's book TED Talks, The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking.


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