Part Time Jobs in London

Night owlers Ellie and Eimear

Night owlers Ellie and Eimear

Many enterprising Londoners are taking-on part time jobs in the evenings or weekends to earn that little bit extra or start a new business without taking the risk of quitting the income and security of their Nine to Five job.

Rentadesk asked it's members what would be a fair price to charge for an overnight and weekend hot desk - in comparison to a normal 'daytime' hot desk.


Here's what Rentadeskers had to say -

"Sort of like Economy 7. It would be about Two Thirds. Enough to encourage people to do it."

"I would put this at 100 pounds per month. Would be Ideal if you are a student and need a quiet place to study in."

"Would the permanent desk possessions be safe with people coming and out late and night - especially near a pub?"

"Don't fill it up at night! The joy of working after hours is peace and quiet."

"Like a 3rd of the normal price."

"Still same facilities being used, so same price."

"You can look at it as a 'Happy' Time and also as a special service. Be careful about security."

"If they pay too little you might get all types of undesirable types and the building may not remain as secure!"

"Would it restrict how 'daytime' hot deskers could use the building? If so you'd have to reduce the cost to them."

"Would there be cleaners coming in after the night owls have used the offices? So the offices, kitchens, washrooms etc. would be left clean and tidy ready to be used by the daytime hot deskers?"

"The 24/7 hot desk access that we signed up to is great because we need flexibility but the opportunity to use the space during either the day or night for a reduced rate is a good idea for those who know they will only need it for say, 8 hours per day/night."

Using a simple back-of a-napkin calculation, where ‘a little’ = 25%, ‘a lot’ = 50%, using the data from the graph above we would calculate a suitable price for a night owl hotdesk to be somewhere between a quarter and a third reduction on day rates - an Economy 7 style discount seems to win the day!

Are you a potential Night Owler? Join the other night owls at Rentadesk and create that new business or project that you’ve been itching to start...