Coworking vs Working From Home


If you're currently working from home you may be considering using a coworking space - but will it be worth the effort of leaving your cozy home? We'll check out the benefits of coworking vs working from home and explore whether coworking may be worthwhile for you.

  • Coworking gets you out of the house and meeting people each day, if nothing else this is good for your mental wellbeing and exposes you to those random acts of serendipity which can often bring new business your way.

  • Splitting work life from home life can help you compartmentalise your day and makes it easier for you to relax and turnoff when you are at home. You may find your productivity actually increasing despite working fewer hours each day.

  • A coworking space often has meeting rooms which you can use to meet clients, a bookable meeting room means that you don't need to worry if a space at a coffee shop is going to be available at 11:15am next Monday morning, and those frequent lattes do add up to your expenses over time if you meet several clients a week.

  • Coworking spaces are often full of other independent workers with complementary skills to yours, so cross-referrals and collaborations can introduce new clients while allowing you to provide a wider range of solutions to your clients.

  • It doesn't need to be an either/or situation. You can mix coworking with working at home - perhaps with a part-time hotdesk that you use on those days when you fancy a change of scenery or need to meet clients.

  • More and more these days a fast internet connection becomes more important to get your work done, especially if you work with very large files. If you live out in the sticks or your home internet connection is not the best, a good coworking space helps by having a fast and reliable internet connection which over the course of a day saves a considerable amount of time in staring at the screen.

  • Need to print off the odd brochure? Laminate a sign? Guillotine a paper manual? All these bits and bobs are normally available at a coworking space if you ask.

  • Last but not least you can expect to learn something simply by being at a coworking space from the general conversation that goes on around you, and if you are working on a niggly problem you're surrounded by colleagues that you can simply ask - someone is bound to have had a similar problem in the past as so many issues being a freelancer are common - getting paid on time, finding new clients, juggling your work-life balance and so on.

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