Top 5 Tips for choosing a Coworking Space


You've finally decided to try a coworking space rather than your normal place of work, so what are the top 5 tips for choosing the right coworking space for you?

  1. Community - different coworking spaces cater for different types of communities - are you an experienced freelancer? Or startup wanting to grow and scale? Decide on what community of people you want to be surrounded by each day.

  2. Deposits - do you need to make a deposit? You may be asked for a month's deposit or more which can tie up your capital that you would rather use elsewhere.

  3. Notices - notices vary from none to a month or more. Some coworking spaces offer lower rates for longer notices such as 3 months or 12 months. If you are not sure what the future holds then chose a coworking space that offers as short a notice as possible.

  4. Noise - if the coworking space has a trial day check out the noise level in a space before signing up - if you're looking for a quiet space to write that blog article or iPhone App then a space full of vocal PR startups may not be the best for you. If you ARE a startup though, then the energy of a space full of startups in your sector will definitely be a bonus.

  5. Access - Are you a nine-to-fiver? a night-owler? a weekender? whatever your schedule (or lack of schedule) choose a coworking space that can cater for your work hours. Some spaces limit access to 9-6pm, others are more flexible offering daytime, evening and even weekend access.


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