Spare Desk vs Coworking

If you're a freelancer or startup, a spare desk located in a larger company's office space can be an easy option if you already have a relationship working onsite with a larger client, perhaps by having supplied them with some of your freelancer services, or having worked for them as an employee in the past.

Often there's a client - contractor relationship here, where they need your skillset but don't need you to work for them full-time, so they pay you partly by providing you with a subsidised spare desk usually in a place where none of their employees want to work - next to the WC or photocopier!

So the spare desk solution can be a quick and easy stop-gap for when you are initially transforming from employee to freelancer, and resources are tight.

The downside is that you are disconnected from the host in the sense that they are a different business to yours and that the power relationship is unequal - it's THEIR office space after all! If they need more space or don't need to use your freelance skills anymore they may turf you out.

You're also missing out on the huge networking potential that is available in a space full of other freelancers - a space like a coworking space, where there is a mix of startups, freelancers and up-and-running smaller businesses with a wide range of expertise and experience.

Do you want to be an outsider huddled using a spare desk, or an equal participant in an active coworking group that can both challenge and support your business goals and objectives?

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