Unbranded Office Space Vs Branded Office Space

When I first setup Rentadesk my gut feeling was that small businesses and freelancers would prefer to work in an unbranded office space vs branded office space as it allowed them more flexibilty on how to present their own companies - visiting clients need not know whether you have a single desk, an office or the entire building.

For example, we decided against placing a Rentadesk name plate on the building, hanging a directory of company names in the entrance hallways, and we did not put any A-frame advertising stands outside the front door. From Rentadesk's viewpoint this could be seen as disadvantageous as we are loosing out on some free advertising, but is it something Rentadeskers care about?

To find out we polled Rentadeskers to see what they thought; was branded better than unbranded? Apart from a few easy-going souls who "didn't mind", we had an almost unanimous response (see graph below)


Here are some of the comments we received:

"Definitely not!"

"Prefer to have a white label office offering as helps with a professional look of the co-working environment"

"Better to keep it anonymous/unbranded as it makes our businesses look more authentic/stable/fixed"

"Would ruin the vibe to be honest"

"I'd prefer not really, it makes the companies in here look a bit amateur as the 'Rentadesk' brand is very literal"

"Branding would make it immediately obvious to clients and suppliers that we are using a coworking space. This would then remove some of the prestige of having a Soho address and would be a negative in my book."

"Looks less impressive to our visitors if it's branded"

"This has to remain White Label. Otherwise potential clients will understand that you are not as big as the address makes out"

..and a minority of positive branding sentiment:

"Go ahead and brand it"

"Minimal branding - it's good for meetings, etc. to have it non branded"

The message seems clear... do not brand the office space!