What's the best lighting for an office?

The type of artificial lighting that people prefer is quite a personal thing, and often changes depending on what of time of day it is, what you're doing at the time, and your mood. So what is the best lighting for a working environment?

At the moment, this is what we are using at Rentadesk:

Newburgh House

Halogen white low-voltage spot lights throughout. All bulbs were 50W when when we moved in to the premises (that's a huge 600W power usage for just one of the large offices, akin to a half bar electric fire). I have been replacing these with low-energy 20W bulbs as and when the old one's blow out, which happens pretty frequently :(

Carnaby House

Most offices have fluorescent white installed, the top floor have low-voltage fluorescent downlighters. Our kitchen has two types of daylight bulbs (I bought two to see how they differed). A pair of Daylight Blue (nearest to front door), and a pair of Daylight Full Spectrum (nearest fireplace). I believe both types of daylight lights can provide relief to sufferers of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). My preference is for the Full Spectrum version as the light is warmer and less harsh than the Daylight Blue.

We polled everyone at Rentadesk to see what lighting option they preferred. As well as the poll results I also had a few email comments on how fluorescent lights gave them headaches so they prefer to switch them off completely and use separate upilghters giving a less harsh light.

The poll suggests that many of you are liking the idea of using daylight simulation, and obviously different offices will have different preferences as mentioned before. For those of you that are interested in seeing daylight simulation you should check out the kitchen at Marshall Street to see the two different types we have tested.