Virtual Offices

In need of an impressive West End address? Testing a new market? Our Virtual Office services allow you to portray a professional image, without the expense of a real office.

We can answer all your calls using your company name, follow detailed telephone answering scripts, have your messages emailed, SMS texted or forwarded through to you, whatever you decide.

Neet to meet your clients? No problem - use any of our physical meeting rooms to meet and have access to our facilities including complimentary coffee, tea, milk and biscuits!

Virtual Office services would be of use if you are:

  • Seeking a low-risk alternative to renting a conventional office.
  • Testing a new product or service idea.
  • Downsizing from a conventional office.
  • Upsizing from using a post office box.
  • Seeking to establish a business presence in the UK.
  • Seeking a business address within an expensive location.
  • Seeking support services such as answering services and mail redirection.