Coworking space for Freelancers

As a freelancer the one thing you need to keep a strict eye on is your expenses, which is why many freelancers start by working from home. At first the novelty and flexibility of working from home are a welcome change from the rigid 9 to 5 working patterns of conventional office life.

However within a few months, the advantages start to wane and the loss of social contact, stimulation of meeting different people each day, together with the distractions of home working start to look less appealing.

For these reasons I started the Rentadesk coworking community in Soho, to create a place where like-minded freelancers could share space, ideas and create a focused and fun working environment for ourselves.

If you are home-bound or client-bound freelancer and are intrigued by what working at a coworking community is like, come and try us out on any weekday at noon. Bring along your laptop, make yourself a cup of coffee in the kitchen and (hopefully) absorb the motivating environment!